Friday, June 6, 2014

How to Log in SuddenLink Email

SuddenLink is one of the largest digital cable services providers including HD TV, high speed internet, email, phone etc in the United States. There coverage is available at least 16 states and before 2006, it was Cebridge connection. By the way if you have suddenLink email account that means you are current user of SuddenLink, you access it online suddenLink platform. If you wish to access and view your sudden link email with Microsoft outlook program, you will do it easily. There are simple steps, just open Microsoft outlook and it will prompt to set up complete and use as incoming mail server and as outgoing mail server. To access email with SuddenLink platform, follows the following steps-

1. Just get on
2. Click the “Email” button that showing in top menu bar.
3. The next page will prompt to you log in with username and password. So complete this step.
4. If you are first time user, click the “Sing Up Now” link, the link will be prompt you to complete registration process with account number and access code.
5. Once logged in, you are in your email dashboard. Just click “Inbox” to get inbox.

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