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Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to pay C Spire Wireless Phone bill

C Spire is one of the 10 largest wireless phone services providers in the United States which has nearly 1 million regular customers. There are several payment methods for their customers. Such as online payment (one time or automatic payment), payment by phone, pay in person or through postal mail. See here the all probable way to payment your c spire bill.

C Spire online bill pay (one time or automatic)

C Spire access bill online with VISA, Master, American Express and C Spire gift cards from their clienteles. However if you’re a C Spire customer you may pay bill online one time and setup automatic payment. But if you want to setup automatic payment you must contact your bank. For example if you have Bank of America VISA debit card, you may setup the debit card to automatic payment. There are online banking systems so it’s easy, just visit the Resources suggested 2nd link and click the continue button, in the next windows you’ll see redirection notices and re-click continue button. After access C Spire bill pay website the instruction are same as simple or one time payment process.

Online Bill pay process

1. Go to the C Spire wireless returning customers website. See the website link in Resources.
2. If you have username and password, put your username and password to login your existing account.
3. Otherwise you need create an account as a new clientele. There are online registration options for difference type customers. For personal account click the bottom side “Register here” button. If you have business accounts click the “Register as a business customer” link to complete the registration process. And login your account.
4. In you’re my account dashboard there are some options such as Pay Bill, My profile, My services, Express pay etc.
5. Click the “Pay Bill” option and select payment methods, enter your banking information, access payment terms and condition and finally conform the payment information.
6. If you wish to setup automatic payment click the “Enroll in AutoPay” link that are located in the bottom side of your account and enter all required information to setup.
7. If needed any help you may call at (855) 277-4735.

Pay in person

If you want to payment your bill in person, there are over 85 retail stores where access phone bill. To find out your nearest C Spire retail stores click the Resource suggested 3rd link.

By Phone

If you want to payment by phone, dial *611 from your phone and follows it directions, you must have valid visa, master, American express debit or credit card to payment your bill by phone.

On the other hand, if you wish to payment your bill through postal mail, sent to bank draft or check at the bill suggested address as there are difference payment locations for difference states customers.


C Spire Online Bill pay
Setup automatic C Spire bill payment BOF visa card
Find your nearest C Spire retail store

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to make Rush Payment of your TDS Telecom Bill

If you wish to payment your bill within one hour, you can pay bill by TDS Rush payment website. There are fixed charge only $2.95 for each payments. If you payment with TDS ePay there are needed 24-48 hours for payment clearly. On the other hand if you choose the Rush payment options you needed create online account. Just follows the following directions to rush payment.

1. Visit the TDS Rush payment website see the link in Resource.
2. Enter your account information such as your account number, control date etc and click continue button.
3. Put your payment information such as payment amount and others click the Continue button.
4. Enter your contact information for i.e. your billing address, phone number etc.
5. Click the Continue button to access next steps.
6. Choose payment method, and enter your banking or credit and debit card information.
7. In the final steps, you will see payment information and conformation this payment.
8. Finally print the conformation message for future. If you want to cancel Rush pay click the Exit Rush Payment button any time before conformation. Call at (866) 571-6662 for any technical help

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How to pay TDS Telecom Bill Online

If you are a customer of TDS Telecom you make your bill online. Follow the following direction to payment your bill online. There online bill payment service for free and guarantee. But some of payment processing company offers online TDS bill pay with low costs such as BillFloat, Charge Smart etc. If you pay with BillFloat there are nearly $5 charges but if you pay its website then it’s absolutely free. Read More


Rush Payment

How to pay TDS Telecom Bill Online

TDS Telecom is the internet and phone service providers for your home and business. The company was founded in 1969 as a subsidiary telecommunication company of Telephone and Data Systems (TDS). Now their services are available in rural, urban and suburban areas of over 30 states in the United States. Mainly there are dialup & broadband internet, phone and dish services. If you are a customer of TDS Telecom you make your bill online. Follow the following direction to payment your bill online.

There online bill payment service for free and guarantee. But some of payment processing company offers online TDS bill pay with low costs such as BillFloat, Charge Smart etc. If you pay with BillFloat there are nearly $5 charges but if you pay its website then it’s absolutely free.

1. Visit the TDS ePay or my account service, (the services website link in Resource)
2. Sign in with your email address and password. If you are first time you must sign up for an online account.
3. To sign up click the left side “Sign Up” button and enter your personal information, account number and registration id. Your account number and registration ID are located in your bill. So find out the registration and account number in the top right side of your bill.
4. If you doesn’t sign up for an account call at (866) 571-6662 for technical help.
5. After login your account, you must set up ePay account to pay your bill online.
6. To set up an ePay account, click on the “View/Pay Bill link.
7. In the next steps, read carefully the ePay terms and conditions and agree the terms and conditions.
8. Enter your valid email address in the required fields for successfully setup.
9. If you wish to payment bill same time click on the pay bill link in the left side payment menu.
10. Enter your payment amount, credit or debit card required information etc.
11. If you wish to payment your bill automatically click the “Automatic Payment” in the left side payment menu and your bank account or credit and debit card, payment amount, payment schedule to payment before due date etc.


TDS Telecom ePay

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to pay Insight Bill Online

Insight is the subsidiary company of Time Warner Cable, which operating high speed internet, dish TV and phone services in the Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. And there are nearly 0.8 million subscribers in the 3 states. If you are a customer of Insight network you may pay its bill online. Actually its online bill payment service is more reliable, convenient and faster, so see the direction in below to pay your bill online.

1. Go to the MyInsight online bill pay website. (see the link in Resource)
2. Login your Myinsight account with user ID and password. Your user ID is your email address that you use when sing up.
3. If you have no user ID and password firstly you’ll need complete the registration process.
4. To registration online, click the right side “Register” button and fill up all required field with your personal information, phone number, email address etc.
5. When complete the first steps registration then you will need email conformation. It systems automatically send a temporary password in your email ID and a conformation link. So complete the conformation process first and login your account.
6. Click on the “Make Payment” link in your account dashboard.
7. Choose the payment methods in drop-down menu. If you select credit or debit card method enter your card number, card expire date and secure code. If you use checking account or bank draft to pay bill, put your bank routing number, your bank account number, check number etc.
8. If the all required fields are complete you’ll receive an email that your payment has been possessing. When complete the payment processes, you’ll receive conformation message.


Sling Broadband in North America

Sling Broadband is a nationwide broadband high speed internet and phone or digital voice service provides in the North America. There are unlimited call plan for your business, PABX, SIP etc voice plan and high speed internet services. According to its website, it’s one of the 10 largest networks in the North America which offer 99.999% reliable services. But its online services are not good, its online clientele facing disgusting situation to pay online bill, or chat with customer service. There are online support center that’s absolutely slow, for example if you want to its support center you must submit ticket by its client area and wait up to 48 hours for answer.

Sling Broadband services are available in some North American City such as Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. So if you interest to online order and payment your bill follows the following directions.

[Note; Some client and people complain against its 99.999% service reliability, the complain are available in Ripoff Report, YouTube and others difference website]

For online order visit the Sling Broadband website. See the link in Resource.
Click on the “Order Now” category
Find out the package that you wish and click order button.
You will see total price with setup fee and others.
Click on the “check out” button to purchase online.
If you first time enter your personal information
Select payment methods there are 3 payment options such as IP.Pay, ACH and mail in payment. So chose the payment methods. And enter your banking or card information.
Accepts it terms of service with click the “I have read and Agree to the Terms of Service” box.
Click the complete Order button.
You will receive a conformation email so check your email inbox.

If you are already clientele login its client area and find out service that you want to renew. For more information, call at (866) 617-5464.

Sling Broadband

Monday, September 17, 2012

How to Pay Sears Card Bill

Sears is a chain of departmental stores in the USA and there are nearly 2500 retail stores. On the other hand, there are lots of customer, club members etc. even the company offers master, private and commercial card for its different categories customers or members. Another point, if you have a sears card and if you sing up for reward programs then you will earn 1 reward points for each 1 spend your card which market prices is 1 cent. However, there are different types of card for example Sears Master, credit card powered by Citibank, Sears credit card powered by Capital One bank and other types of cards that provide the both bank. So if you use the Citibank provided credit card you need the credit bill payment in the Citibank suggested website or locations. If you use the Capital One bank provided credit card you need the credit bill payment in the Capital One bank suggested website or locations.

Sears Master Credit card (powered by Citibank) bill payment instruction

There are mainly two ways to payment your Sears Master card bill. Such as online and postal mail. If you choose postal mail service to payment your card bill you must send your payment before minimum 10 days to due date. Its payment center address is Sears MasterCard Payments, P.O. Box 183082, Columbus, OH 43218-3082. So sent to the bill before minimum 10 due dates at the payment address. If you want to pay your bill online follows the following instructions.

1. Visit the Citigroup provided account online website. (See the website link in Resource links no 1).
2. Login with your username and password and select “Make a Payment” in the take to me drop-down menu. Click the “Sign In” button to directly access make payment page of your account dashboard.
3. If you have not previous created an online account, or you have not access in last 18 month, you needed complete registration process first time.
4. To create an account enter your sears credit card number, your account information, valid email address, add a fund etc. After complete registration process login your account.
5. Enter payment amount in the required field and select payment account or card, when you was create online payment account then you was add a fund, this means your was add an checking account or debit card. As result you will see your checking account in checking account drop-down menu. If you don’t wish use the checking account to pay bill, hence you needed add another card or account. For more technical information call at 1-800-815-7701.
6. Click on the “Continue” button and verify the payment information, if the information is correct press the “Make Payment” button. [Don’t try to payment your credit card bill after five pm and holiday].

If your Sears credit card from Capital One

1. Go to the Capital One Financial Corporation website (see the website link in Resource no 2).
2. Login you account with user name and password. If you have not username and password you need registration first-time.
3. Click on the “Pay My Bill” in the payment due date column.
4. Put your checking account required information in the “Pay From” required fields.
5. Enter payment amount, payment due date and click the “bottom side “Continue” button.
6. Verify the payment information and if no needed modify click the “Approve” button to successfully make a payment.


Sears Card by Citigroup
Sears Credit card by Capital One

Sunday, September 16, 2012

How to pay metro PCS Phone Bill

Metro PCS is more known as a wireless phone service operator in the United States. Basically the phone operator is more popular for unlimited 4G LTE talk plan. On the other hand it is the 5th largest mobile phone operator in the USA, and there are over 9.3 million subscribers. There are strong online and retail services with customer satisfaction center, although some customers complain that there are poor retail customer service. But we can say in statistically, there are strong customer services. However, I come back in to my targeted topic “how I do pay my metro PCS phone bill?” Actually it’s a common question as there are lots of ways to paying bill. For example, online, by own or vendor phone, payment in a store, by postal mail, pay via online vendor, automatically payment etc. On the other hand there are systems message options that you will receive text message when your payments are due.

Pay your bill Online

There are e-Wallet center where its customer can be pay its bill, check balance, view account information, change package plan etc. The e-Wallet systems are easy and faster, so if you want to pay your bill at e-Wallet center you must need an online account. On the other hand there are auto pay and express pay systems for online user. Follows the following directions to payment your metro PCS bill online successfully.

1. Visit the metro PCS e-Wallet website (see the website link in Resource).
2. Login your e-Wallet my account with user name and password.
3. Click on the “Pay My Bill” (2nd options) in the left side menu log.
4. If you are first time you need setup all account information, payment information etc. Once if you have setup all information you no needed re-enter information. There are BillFloat and Express pay option, if you choose BillFloat you must pay $4.99 extra, but there are no any extra charge for express pay.
5. For first time, put your ZIP code in the Zip code required box and click the bottom side “Get started” button.
6. Put your 10 digits phone number that you wish to pay bill, for example 888-863-5241.
7. Put your credit, debit or e-check information. If you use credit or debit card enter credit or debit card number, expire date and secure code. If you use e-checking account, enter your account number, account name, bank name, bank routing number etc.
8. Put the payment amounts. And click on the submit button to complete payment process.

Pay by Phone

You may pay your phone bill with your phone. But there are charges applicable. There are two options to payment bill by phone. Such as-

Dial *99 from your phone. Its computer systems so follows its steps that will you ask. For the payment system, $2 charge applicable.

Call at (888) 863-8708 and talk with payment center representative. But $3 charge applicable for process to each payments.

Pay in person

To pay in person you needed find out your nearest metro PCS retail stores, dealer or vendor who offer metro PCS bill pay systems. Pay in person isn’t free, $3 charge for if you pay with authorized dealer, $2 charge for if you use metro PCS payment machine etc.

Pay by Postal mail

You may send your bank draft or check to: Metro PCS Wires, Inc. PO Box 5119, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119. It’s absolutely free but needed huge of time up to 10 day to cash your payment.


Metro PCS e-Wallet

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to pay Springleaf Financial or American General Finance Bill

American General Finance is now Springleaf Financial that was founded in 1920. Basically the company provides different types of loan, insurance, business solution and other credit related products. Once it was over 1400 branch in the USA, UK, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, but it was attacked by global financial crisis in 2007, as result the company reported in 2008 that it has bee losses $130 million. Now there are nearly 900 branches as the company was closed over 500 branches after 2008. However, if you are a present customer of American General Finance, you may pay your bill at American General Finance website; pay in person, postal mail and via phone. All pay process are discussing briefly in the below-

Pay Online;
Actually the online payment process is convenience way, free and faster, so sees the following instructions to pay your bill online.

1. Visit the American General Finance bill payment website. See the website address in the Resource. You will need complete the 4 steps to payment your bill.
2. Put your account information account information such as your personal information, account number and last 4 digits of your social security number. Click the “Next” button.
3. Enter your payment information, such as amount, your check number and others banking (checking or savings account) information in the steps 2.
4. In the next steps, you’ll view your payment information, if no needed any click “Submit” button to submit your bill.
5. If your payment has been made successfully you’ll see conformation message in the next window. Print the conformation message for future.

Pay by phone
If you interested to payment your bill by phone, call at (800) 999-1009 and follows it systems instructions to payment the bill successfully.

Pay in person

If you want to pay in person, visit your nearest American General Finance branches, there are over 900 branches in the USA, UK and other locations. To find out your nearest location address online visit our Resource suggested link. On the other hand, you will setup direct pay option in a branch. Just contact a branch officer to setup direct pay or call at (800) 961-5577.

You will pay your bill by western Union and MoneyGram. To payment by western Union and MoneyGram contact your nearest agents.


American General Finance bill pay
American General Finance branches

How to Pay DirecTV Bill

DirecTV is a satellite dish service provider in the USA. According to its website, there are over 20 million subscribers which use its monthly packages. If you are a user of DirecTV dish service you may pay your bill difference ways. For example, postal mails, online, pay in person and via phone, not only here there are lots of vendors or franchise or dealers which offer to pay your bill. Now I’m discussing how to you pay DirecTV bill easily briefly in the below-

Pay the DirecTV bill online

There are online bill payments systems for free. Actually it’s save time and offer automatically payment before due date. To payment your bill online see the following directions.

1. Go to the DirecTV secure bill payment website; see the website link in Resources.
2. Put your email address in the “What is Your Email Address?” box. If you have password select “Yes, I have a password” and type your password in the required box and click the Sign In button to sign in your account.
3. If you don’t have password select the No option and create an account firstly.
4. Click on the “Pay Bill” tab in the upper side of your Myaccount dashboard.
5. Select your payment methods; there are different types of methods for example credit card, debit card, checking account etc.
6. If you would like to setup automatically payment click on the “Set Up Recurring Payment” tab in Myaccount dashboard and setup your banking information.
7. Enter your payment and card information, if you use master, VISA debit and credit card, put your card number, security code and expiration date. If you use checking account put your bank name, account name, account number and bank’s routing number.
8. Finally click on the “Submit” to complete successfully payment. If your payment has been made successfully, you’ll receive a conformation mail that your payment has been made.

DirecTV bill pay by phone

There are bill payment options via phone. But it’s not free, minimum $5 fees applicable for each bill. On the other hand there are lots of vendors or dealer which offer same payment process. So if want to pay your bill via phone you may call at (800) 531-5000 and press 1 button from your phone or mobile.

Payment in person

Basically you can make your payment via MoneyGram, Western Union. So if you want to payment in person, visit your nearest MoneyGram or Western Union agents. Use the city code 1602, if you payment your bill via MoneyGram.
Use the city code “DIRECTVUT” if you wan to pay your bill with Western Union.

Pay via Postal Mail

If you want to pay your bill via postal mail send check or bank draft with return envelope to your regional payment DirecTV payment offices. There are few regional offices where you may send the bill. The offices addresses are below-

Send to: DIRECTV, P.O. box 11732, Newark, NJ 07101-4732 if first letter of your zip code are 0, 1 and 2.

Send to: DIRECTV, P.O. box 78626, Phoenix, AZ 85062-8626, if your zip code begins with 3, 5, 7 & 8

Send to: DIRECTV, P.O. box 6414, Carol Stream, IL 60197-6414 for first letter zip code of 4.

Send to: DIRECTV, P.O. box 9001069, Louisville, KY 40290-1069 if start your zip code with 6.

Send to: DIRECTV, P.O. box 54000, Los Angeles, CA 90054-1000 for first letter of zip code 9.


DirecTV-My Account

Citibank online bill payment guide

Citibank New York was founded in 1812 ad as Citibank of New York. Now Citibank is working as Citibank group. the major activities of citibank is bank is retail banking. Now citibank is a large international bank by spread its activities overall 160 countries and region around the world. Most of offices of citibank is situated in difference state of USA. The office are located in New York City, Chicago, Loss Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston,And Dallas. With retail banking citibank expand its banking activities through the standard banking transactions, Citibank offers insuranse, credit cards and investment products. Citibank is a such kind of bank which is provide difference bill payment facilities. If you accept this opportunity ,it will reduce your valuable time. Now you can see how to payment bill by citibank online banking account. the bill payment system of online and convenience way is following below .

Guidelines to Payment virtual bill with Citibank online account-

• Firstly login in citibank web site entering your user name & password by suggested box. See the link in Resource.
• Secondly click “payment & transfers” option in the left side menu link.
• In the next steps select “Payee type” there are various options such as local payees and overseas payees. For example, if you want to pay bill online, select the “Pay a Bill” options. And select “Payee Name” if you don’t have previously added payee account, you needed send a SMS from your registered mobile phone. As there are no options to add a payee account online. Once if you have added payee account you’ll see payee name in the “Merchant Search”. To select, click the “Merchant search” link and select account. After setting the payee name, enter the payee account number and click on the “Next” button.

• Thirdly click “Activate payee”. If you wish to pay one more payment in a time click on the Add another payee button.
• Next steps put your OAC code. You have received OAC code via SMS, when you ware apply to add payee account. And enter “Activate This Payee” button to conformation payee.
• Re-click on the “Payment & Transfer” tab in your account dashboard. Select your account master card or checking account to pay bill. Put amounts of bill that you wish to pay, and type reference or leave it. And click on the “Next” button.
• In next window, you’ll verify your entered information, you need modifying the something information click on the Back button, or click the cancel button to cancel the processing payment. If don’t needed modification click on the “Make this payment” button.


Citibank Online banking

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to pay sprint mobile bill

Sprint is the wireless phone services operator with 4G network in the United States, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. One the other hand, Sprint mobile is the nearly 50% share holder of Clearwire corporation. Overall it’s one of the best wireless and wire-line service providers in the USA. There are lots mobile users, according to its website, its clients using average three million seconds in every month. Even the company lunched iDEN network phone in the middle of running year. It will be available in all area early 2013. There are several options to payment its bill, so if you are a user of Sprint mobile you may follows the following directions to payment your bill.

Sprint mobile online bill pay

If you interested to pay your sprint mobile bill online, there is a convenient and easily bill payment website where you try to pay your bill online-
1. Go to the Sprint Online Bill Pay website (see the website link in Resource).
2. Complete the registration process firstly. Once if you have complete registration process login your account with user name and password.
3. Click on the “Pay Now” tab in you’re my account dashboard to payment bill.
4. Choose or type your payment amount.
5. In the next steps, select payment methods, there are VISA, Master, Discover and American express, diners club, JBC debit or credit card, checking account payment options.
6. If you don’t have previously setup a bank account or card, you must add your account or card. For example, if you want to add a debit or credit card, enter your card number, security code and expiration date. If you want to set a bank account, put your bank name, account number, account holder name, routing number etc.
7. If successfully setup your banking account or card, you will see verify your payment information in the next steps. If you needed edit any information you may cancel the payment process. Otherwise click on the submit button to complete the payment process.

Pay by phone

If you want to payment by phone press *3 in your mobile and click the dial, and follows its instructions.

Pay bill via postal mail

Send the bank draft or check at Sprint, P.O. box 660075, Dallas, TX 75266-0075. For additional help you may call at 1-888-211-4727.


Sprint Online Bill Pay

How to Pay Teco Electric Bill

In Florida, TECO is the name of Tampa electric and People Gas. Basically TECO is the local electricity and natural gas provider in Florida. There are huge of customers which continuously use its energy services. Generally its customers needs to pay bill monthly before due date. In the Florida, there are lots of Vender which offers TECO bill payments online or others way. But there are minimum $4.95 charges. But if you pay your bill directly at TECO, you’ll no need to pay $5 for $500. And there are huge bill payment option like internet, phone and by mail. TECO various bill payments benefits are below-

Pay TECO electric bill online

There are e-bills, online bill payment through your bank, automatic online payment etc systems. For example, if you sign up for pay your bill at TECO e-bill center, you will pay multiple account bills online, make schedule to automatically payment your bill to pay before due date, view your bill online etc. The TECO e-bill center also access checking account, VISA and Master, discover, American express debit or credit card. So if you interest to payment your bill online follows the following steps.

1. Visit the TECO e-bill center. (See the e-bill center website link in the Resource).
2. Put your user ID and password in the required box to login your account.
3. If you don’t have user id and password you may online sign up for an e-bill account.
4. To create an e-bill account first time, click on the “New User” and enter your account number and meter number in the next window.
5. Click on the continue button, and enter your personal or business information, with and valid email ID, setup your card, or banking information to complete account creation process. Actually it’s fully free.
6. After login your account, view your bills, if you have multiple account you’ll see all account bill amount, due date etc.
7. There are Pay button in the action column. If you have multiple account tick on the account that you wish to pay your bill and click on the “Continue” button.
8. In the next steps, put your amount, if you want to setup automatic payment, you can put future payment amount, if you will leave the box, automatically pay maximum account. Setup payment schedule and chose payment methods. Click on the submit button.
9. If you have multiple account you need all account payment schedule to automatic pay. As all account are individuals.
10. Finally, view or truck your payment details. If you want to remove any account from your list visit the “Manage your accounts” tab if your dash board.

Pay TECO electric bill by Phone

There are bill payment options by phone. So if you want to pay your bill by call at 1-866-300-3069. But there are charges applicable; you’ll pay minimum $4.95 for each transaction.

Pay TECO electric bill by Mail

TECO payment center mailing addresses are “Tampa Electric Company, P.O. Box 31318, Tampa, Florida 33613-3318. So you may send your bank draft at the address before due date via local or US mail.


TECO e-bill center

Monday, September 3, 2012

How to pay Your Foremost Insurance Bill

Foremost is an insurance company in the USA which is providing home, auto, life and commercial insurances. According to its website, there are over 20 million policies. Recent years ago the insurance company offers online facilities for its policy holders. For example, if you are a policy holder of foremost cars insurance you may visit foremost official website to pay your bill, file a claim online. At the foremost bill pay website policy holder will be pay following bills-

1. All types of Auto Insurance bill
2. Home (mobile, vacant, seasonal, rental, motor etc home) insurance bill
3. Travels insurance bill
4. Boat and others water craft policy bill

There are online payment and pay via agent options to pay your bill. To make payment with agent, you may contact with your local agent. Don’t forget to taken money form to agents. As there are some bad agents which doesn’t pay your bill in head office properly. As results, your policy will be suspended. On the other hand you may your bill online that’s have not chance to missing. Foremost online bill payment directions are below-

1. Visit the Foremost insurance payment website. (see in the resource link)
2. Put your first 13 digits of your policy number, your policy number almost 15 digits. Don’t put last 2 digits.
3. Enter your zip code in the zip code box.
4. Choose hat what type of policy that you want to bill.
5. Click the continue button to access next page.
6. In the next page, put your contact information with your billing address, phone number and valid email address. Click on the Continue to continuing payment process.
7. Type the amount that you want to pay.
8. choose and select payment method, there are payment options via VISA, Master, Discover and American express credit or debit cards and online checking account.
9. If you choose credit card payment options, enter your 16 digit credit card number and 3 or 4 digit pin number in required fields. Your credit card pin numbers are located back side of your card.
10. If you have submitted all information successfully you receive conformation message in the final window. You may print the message for your safety.

If you can’t pay your bill online you may call your bill suggested number. The numbers are located in the top side of your insurance bill.


Foremost official website
Foremost Online Bill pay

How to Pay Atmos Energy Bill

Atmos is one of the natural gas distributors in the USA which have nearly 3.5 million nationwide customers. There are residential, commercial and other gas uses customers. Basically I’m here to describing the Atmos Energy bill pay systems. Lots of company offered online Atmos bill pay, For example, billfloat which offer we pay your Atmos bill now and you pay us later with standard and guarantee services, if you billfloat guarantee service you must extra $17 and others interest charge. I never use the billfloat service and I don’t know what’s it reliability. Pageonce, charge smart which offer same bill payment systems online.

Basically, Atmos customers may pay their bill 12 days before due date. But lots of customers miss to pay their bill timely and pay with late fees. But you there are lots way that’s you use to pay your bill timely without late fees. Such as, online, phone and postal mail services.

Pay your Bill Online without any extra cost

If you pay your bill online via Atmos official website you no need pay any extra charge. Actually, Atmos online bill payment systems are easy, guarantee and fasters. To pay online follows the following steps.
1. Visit Atmos energy account center. (See the account center link in Resource)
2. Log in to your account with user name and password.
3. If you have not a created online account you may free setup an online account. To create an online account you will need a valid email address, your gas account number and social security number. If you don’t wish to use SSN, you may use other govt. id for example; your tax id, or divining license etc. (Find the first time registration link in our Resource)
4. After login your account you will see several account managing options. For example you setup multiple accounts in your online account to pay bill, view bills, payments history, cancel service etc.
5. To pay your bill, Click on the Pay Bill tab.
6. Set you payment amount, auto pay/one time payment, your credit card, debit card or checking account information etc. Atmos allows the VISA, Master, Discover and American express credit and debit cards, online access checking accounts etc to pay your bill.
7. If you have multiple accounts you must need select account that’s account you want to pay bill.
8. If your payment has successfully you will conformation message in next window.
9. If you wish to payment your bill automatically you may setup an automatic payment plan in your account dashboard. For additional helps call at 888-286-6700 and press # button of your phone when the system will ask you to choose customers representative.

Pay by postal mail;

If you wish to payment your bill by postal mail you may write and send your check or money order at the address-
Atmos Energy #790311
1005 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101
Phone - 1-888-286-6700

Pay your Atmos Bill by Phone

If you want to pay your bill you call at 888-286-6700 and follow its instructions as it’s a computer system. The system is access VISA, Master, Discover and American express credit and debit cards to pay bill.


Atmos energy online bill center

Sign up for an Atmos online account

How to Pay Your Windstream Bill

Windstream is the nationwide high speed broadband internet, digital cable television and phone services operator in the USA. There are lots of customers which using Windstream’s monthly package of phone, dish TV and high speed internet service. Additionally customers needs to payment bill monthly or before due date. There are three ways for you to pay your bill. By the way if you are a customer of Windstream you will follow my instruction to pay your bill before due date.

Windstream Online Bill Payment Systems

Online bill systems is always faster and convenience in any where. Windstream online bill payments systems are more reliable and secure as the company using own secure services. Windstream is access to bill payments VISA, Master, Discover and American Express credit and debit card, and online access checking account. So if you want to pay your bill online you may follows by directions.

1. Go to the Windstream e-bill center. (see the E-bill center link in resources)
2. Put your login user ID and password in login mandatory fields and click on the submit button to sign in your account.
3. If you have not an online bill payment account you must create to an account for free. There are no charges to charge to create e-bill account.
4. To create an account click on the “First time user?” link and sign up with your 9 digit account number and PIN. The account number and pin number are located in your bill (hard copy).
5. If your account number and PIN doesn’t work you call at 877-807-9463 to complain or technical helps.
6. When you complete your account creation process, systems will automatically update your information. For example you may login your account to view e-bill copy (soft), your billing due date, billing summary etc.
7. To pay bill click on the “Pay Bill Now” link that’s located in the middle of your account summary page.
8. In the next payment processing enter the required information such as payment methods, credit card, debit card or checking account information that you want to use pay your bill.
9. There are automatic payments option you may choose the “Auto Pay” to pay your bill monthly automatically form your credit, debit or checking account. If you setup auto pay option Windstream will be taken your bill monthly form bank account. Once if you have setup auto pay systems you may remove tick on the “Auto Pay” option to canceling automatically payments.
10. When all secure steps are complete to pay your bill you will receive conformation page with a number that’s your payment number.
11. So don’t way to print this conformation pages. Its will be help later when you needed.

If you want to pay your bill via postal mail you may send your payments via us mail in your regional offices. There are lots of payment offices in your area that not possible present in a topic. But we suggest that visit to finding your nearest payment center locations (link in Resource).
Pay your Windstream bill by Phone

We suggest some regional phone number to pay your bill by phone.

1-800-501-1754 for Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas' customers
1-800-347-1991 for Florida, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania customers
1-877-759-9066 for Pennsylvania state college customers

For additional helps you may call at 1-888-292-3827 or 1-866-445-5850.


Windstream E-bill center

Find Windstream your nearest payment locations

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to pay Exxon Mobil Bill Online

Exxon is more popular natural gas and oil Supplier Company in the USA. There are nearly 12,000 gas and oil station in the USA. Large numbers of American peoples are using Exxon energy services. The company working from 2000 in energy field, but recent year ago the company lunched online billing for its customers. So if you are an Exxon customer you’ll enjoy the service. On the other hand if you have Exxon Mobil credit card you’ll earn reword points that’s redeemable in-stations or online.

Recently Exxon signed with Citibank provided online payment processor “Account Online” to receive bill online from customers. As a results its customer may be online pay their bill securely. Exxon Mobil current rate is $4 per gallon.

If you want to pay your bill online follows my directions-

1. Visit the Exxon-AccoutOnline website secure login page. The pages URL see in the Resources link.
2. Put your user ID and password in the login required field.
3. Select the “Make a Payment” option in Take me to box to directly access payment page.
4. If you don’t set the Take me to option you’ll go to your account home.
5. Select the Sign On button to sign in your account.
6. If you are not registered firstly sign up with your credit card and personal information.
7. After login your account you’ll stay in payment page if you set up the Take me to.
8. Put amount and required secure information to successfully pay the bill.

If you can’t pay your bill you may call at 1-866-460-5349 to get technical supports.

If you want pay your bill by cheque you may mail your cheque at-
ExxonMobil Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 688938,
Des Moines, IA 50368-8939
Phone; 866-460-5349
Fax; 866-533-0528


Exxon Mobil Bill Pay Login

Exxon Mobil Bill pays Sign Up

How to pay My CVS Bill Online

CVS is the 2nd largest national wide pharmacy chain in the USA which has an online store and nearly 7.5 thousands retail stores. There is only domestic business this means CVS doesn’t sales drugs out side in the USA. The chain also sales several brands drug such as vitamin, skin care products, personal care (hair care, ear care, oral care, eye care etc), medicine for several diseases (asthma, diabetes, stomach diseases etc), healthy foods, weight losses diet, beauty products and various foods, antiseptics or safety products for baby, children and old man. By the way, if you are a regular customer of CVS you can create an online account in the CVS website or online stores to online order for home delivery.

Once if you have a created account you will be taken the following advantage-

1. Order online to home delivery and lots of time you will enjoy free shipping offer.
2. You manage your family prescriptions online from home.
3. Pay your bill online.
4. Huge of discount and coupon offers that is not available in-store.
5. You will view and redeem your Extra Care rewards online.

So if you want to pay your bill online follow the following steps;

1. Visit the log in your account with email address and password.
2. If you are 1st time or not yet registered you may create an account online less than 5 minutes.
3. To sign up for an account you’ll need 12 digits Extra Care health card number and formal information.
4. If you don’t have Extra Care health card you select no option to sign for Extra Care health card and CVS online account.
5. Fill up all required fields to complete sigh up process.

If you don’t wish to shop and pay your bill without account you can continue shopping without create an account as a gust customers. But you create an account to save money online.

6. Shop or order online to refill, rapid refill your own or family prescription etc and curt MY Basket.
7. Use coupon code to saving money and health care card number to earn rewards and special offers. If you have reword points you may redeem here.
8. Put your payment and billing information. You may use master, visa, discover and American express credit and debit card to pay your bill online.
9. Click continue button to complete payment process.
10. If you need any payment related information you may call at 1-800-746-7287 to help.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alliant Energy Services Review

An American energy holding services company name is Alliant who has globally business. Basically the company is famous to supply natural gas or CNG. Not only a CNG supplier, there are various energy saving electric products such as energy saving bulb, meter etc. According to market resource of Alliant products, people says that the Alliant meter or others products are more reliable than others and Alliant meter can be supply electricity faster.

Alliant Natural Gas/CNG;

Alliant supply the natural gas or CNG in the most favorite location of Wisconsin, Lowa and Minnesota State. According to source of Alliant company, there are more than 1.5 million natural gas customer in the USA. If you are living in the Wisconsin, Lowa and Minnesota State then you will see lots of Alliant natural gas station in different place. Buy the way if you are an Alliant natural gas permanent user, you may use Alliant credit card and enroll online to payments or view your bills. Actually it is a different type enjoy that you can pay your bill from home.

How to pay Alliant Bill Online:

If you would like payment your Alliant bill online you can your bill easily as there bill payment option. Just you need to sign up or sign in for payment program. Once you has sign up to payment program you can login your account and you will see Pay my bill in the My account dashboard. To payment your bill you must need the Alliant account number (the account number are located in your bill copy), and bank account information. If you need more help you can call at 1-800-255-4268 (Alliant Energy customer service number) or email send to

Job at Alliant Energy:

There are more than 5,000 employees so if you want to work at the company you can submit your resume now. But there are restrictions such as candidate can’t submit her resume via email, mail or faxed. Applicants only submit her application via Alliant website career page.

Submit your Resume Now