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Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Access Winn Dixie's My Pay Stubs Online

If you are a worker of Winn Dixie and if you have sign up for direct deposit, you will access online historical information. According to the Winn Dixie's pay stubs there are online portals where its employee can access his or her confidential information and make changes the payroll systems. Actually Winn Dixie is a subsidiary pharmacy chain of BI-LO holding LLC in the Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. There are over than 63 thousands employees which are working at difference positions.

To access the portal visit our Resource suggested Winn Dixie Pay Stubs link and login your account, not yet registered firstly complete the registration process then login. If any problems, we make available the following questions answer.

Asked questions and online help

Q. What is the default payment option of Winn Dixie?
A. There are two ways payment options such as paycheck and direct deposit. If you have not set up payment option then you’ll receive paycheck.

Q. How do I set up direct deposit?
A. If you’d like to setup direct deposit, you need to contact your supervisor or HR department.

Q. How do I see pay stubs online?
A. If you are working at Winn Dixie then you may access it pay stubs online at

Q. I have setup the direct deposit option but I don’t access my payment.
A. You need to wait up to 24 hours, if has not deposited you need to contact with your payroll dept banking services providers.

Q. I have not bank account but how do I cash my pay check?
A. If you have not bank account, you can not cash your pay check, firstly open a bank account (same name) and try to cash it. Some bank doesn’t support previous issue dated check then you need to re-issue your pay check. To re-issue pay check contact your payroll dept.


Winn Dixie's My Pay Stubs

Sunday, October 21, 2012

How to Access My Florida License Portal

Florida department of business professional regulation also known as DBPR, which provides license portal to license related service online. Both new license applicant and existing license holders may create its online account to access DBPR online service. For example, a new applicant may online apply for a new license; view her/his application status online, search exam related information, make payment online etc. An existing license holder may add his or her license to online service access for example, make payment online, and online apply to renew license, update profile (address), apply to another license and other additional purpose. So we say everything of the portal is helpful for Floridian people.

Now you may ask me that how to join the portal with your existing license or first time applicant. Hey guys, there is an online portal, where you easily sign up. Although I discus here steps by steps for both clients individually.

New Applicant
1. Visit our Resource Suggested link. It is actual link of My Florida License Portal.
2. Click the left side “Apply for a New License” link in the Public Services Column.
3. In the next steps there are lots of list professions list, so choose and click the own profession link.
4. In the next steps, select your profession subtitle, for example, if you working as an Athlete Agents, there are difference policies subtitle so choose one form list.
5. Next steps will show applicant requirements, so read carefully and click the “Apply Using Online Service” link. If you want to apply physically then click printable application link and print out. It will re-directly go to main menu page.
6. Click the “Create My Account” link from left side menu.
7. Fill up the user registration form with your name, email address etc and click the Next button.
8. In the next steps, verify your entered information, if needed modify click the edit button, otherwise click save button to continue application process.
9. The system will be sent temporary password via email so use your email address as username and temporary password to login your account. After login you can be change temporary password.

Existing License Holder
1. To link your existing license, click the “Link an Existing License to My Account”.
2. Select your license type, enter license number and click the Next button.
3. Enter your last four digits employee id number in the Initial Activation Code required field and put capta visual code.
4. In the next steps, click the add button or need modify click the Previous button.
5. If completed you will receive conformation message in next screen. Then press next button to complete registration process.
6. For more help you may call at 1- 850.487.1395.


License Portal Main Menu

How to Access Gwinnett Parent Portal

Gwinnett County Public Schools provide Gwinnett Parent portal or go2 Parent Portal to monitor its student academic development and performance online for legal guardians. If your children study in Gwinnett County Public Schools, you’ll access the following confidential information such as-

 Details of course with topics name, references etc
 Classes, test or others schedules
 Attendance or School present details with calendar
 Earned scores of test or exam, grades etc
 Discipline records, if your child has been violated the school rules, then punishment details.

You also signup to access others confidential information, just contact your child schools data clerk. Basically everything is needs to increases your child performance in school. So if you want to signup for its parent there are simple physical and online steps that you need complete. Both steps details are below-

Physical Steps-

You need to fill up a portal registration form physically to verify legal guardianship; the form is available at your children school’s data clerk and it website. If you download the form online, firstly fill up and submit it person. School administrator or data clerk will verify your application, if your application has been approved you will receive a token number and a user id via email. If your application has been denied, you need contact again with data clerk.

Online Steps-

Their online step is not difficult, just click the email suggested link or visit our Resource suggested link. Next steps are below-
1. If you are new user, enter your portal user id and password to login portal account.
2. First time user, click the register a new account link and read carefully and agree its terms and condition
3. In the next steps; put your child school provided token number, user id student date of birth and click submit button.
4. Create password, choose security questions and answer it, once if you have completed all steps login your account access your children academic progress.


Gwinnett Parent Portal

How to Access Ocala Parent Portal

Ocala is the major metropolitan city of Marion County in Florida. In the city over 50 thousands people are living and educational systems are not bad in this city. There are lots of high schools and university collages. On the other hand, it is also known as home to the collage of central Florida. By the way if your children study in Marion County any public high school, you may access Marion County school parent portal for various purpose such as your child school attendance, due or unpaid fees, test scores and others purposes school and district notice. Overall it provides individual student information. But you have must legal guardianship of student to access student confidential information individually.

So if you want to access the county parent portal, you must contact with your child school’s data clerk to verify legal guardianship, photo identify and receive account number and password. Basically there are simple form that’s you need fill up physically. Once id you have completed school process you need activate your account online. Follows the following directions to first time activate and access parent portal account.

1. Visit the Ocala City or Marion County school district website’s parent portal. See the portal link in Resource.
2. There are two options such as Parent Portal Login and Parent Portal Account Activation. If you are first time, click the Click the parent portal activation link. Otherwise click the parent portal login button and enter your account number as login name and password.
3. To activate, firstly agree the portal terms of services or user agreements.
4. In the next windows enter your account number, password in the required box.
5. It will promulgate to setup new username and password in the next steps.
6. Select and answer security questions. Overall has been completed login your account and add student.
7. To add student, click the My Students tab and put your child student id number, last name, birthday etc. If mach your entered student id data with its systems you’ll receive successfully students added message. If you think its difficult contact your child school data clerk for any parent portal related helps.


Ocala Parent Portal

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friday Parent Portal Access Guide

Ocean County Vocational Technical School provides school portal for its student’s parents. Basically it is a public vocational and technical education basis school district that located in Ocean County, New Jersey. In the modern era, the technical and vocational learning is always best than other general programs. Huge of parents like to teach in technical or vocational program. Once it was disgusting and talent student does not participate in the program. Now the concept has been changed, not only in American parents; China, India and others countries people also like technical and vocational teaching. However, now we come back to our main topic that how do you access Friday Parent Portal.

If you want to access the Friday Parent Portal, firstly you need complete the registration process. To registration, you need to contact your child school administrator or data clerk. Now you can questions that, what advantage you’ll receive if you registration for parent portal. Actually there are lots of advantages such as-

1. Access online your child school and district notice.
2. View your students score or grades.
3. View notification about your child unpaid fees.
4. Check attendants, class schedule and others information.

Coming soon the portal will be lunch realtime parent portal. Once if you have registered to the parent portal follows the following directions to access your portal account. If you have any question to access, you may sent to mail (
1. Visit the Ocean County Vocational Technical School official website. (see the website link in Resource)
2. Click the upper side “Parent Portal” link under the Quick Link button.
3. Then you’ll go Friday Parent Portal website. Otherwise you may visit directly
4. Enter the required information such as username, password, and school code, finally click the “Enter Portal” button.
5. Use the convenience tools to view essential information. For technical help or other purpose call at 732-244-1122.



Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Access Effingham County School’s Parent Portal

Effingham County School dept offers infinity campus portals. Not only here, there are difference type campus portals for students and their parents. Both access information individually. Basically there are 13 schools, so if you have a child and study in any Effingham County School, you may access or view students confidential information online such as-

Notice board or message in the inbox, for example- school notice, district notice etc
View your child grades or score
Check attendance with calendar, reports, course schedule, assessment details etc.
Unpaid fees and others related information

But all access you need to login or enrollment its online website. Now see the some steps that will help you to create or login Effingham County school parent portal. Note; if you are not legal guardian, don’t try to access student confidential information as it’s always punishable by US government Low.

1. Ready to access the Effingham County School (Infinite Campus) parent portal; visit its official portal website (see in the Resource).
2. Login with your user id and password, not yet registered, you need registration first.
3. To register you need to contact you child school’s data clerk as there are no systems to create online account.

Some schools data clerk email addresses are below, where you send email for any assistance of parent portal account. for Effingham County High school for Effingham County Middle school for South Effingham High school for South Effingham Middle school for South Effingham Elementary school for Ebenezer Middle school for Ebenezer Elementary school for Blandford Elementary school for Guyton Elementary school’s parents for Marlow Elementary school for Rincon Elementary school for Sand Hill Elementary school for Springfield Elementary


infinity campus

Friday, October 12, 2012

How to Access Focus Portal of Bayshore High School

Bayshore High School offers FOCUS portal for student’s parents to access their child attendance, grades and other information from home. If your child studies in the Bayshore High School, you’ll access the portal. But you have must legal guardian of student as the portal will be share to you confidential documents. However, there are tow ways to apply Focus portal i.e., online and by printed copy. If you want to apply physically or via postal mail, there is parent portal access authorization form (available in its website and office), just file out the authorization form. The portal administrator will be send a temporary username and password within 72 hours. On the other hand, if you want to access or online apply follows the following directions.

1. Visit the Bayshore High School’s focus parent portal (see in the Resource).
2. There are three links such as don’t have account, have an account and forget password.
3. If you are first time, click the first link and enter your name email address etc.
4. In the next steps, you need add a student, so inter your child student id, date of birth etc.
5. If you like to add another student, click add another child button other wise click the “I’m Finished” button to complete first stage of registration process.
6. You’ll see conformation message in the next windows with temporary username and password, so save or print the temporary username and password.
7. Here are login link in the bottom side of this window. So click the link and enter the temporary username and password. After login you account, you can change your password.
8. If you are already user go to the and press your username and password.


Focus Portal